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Carrier Services

     TRM’s Carrier group provides a vast selection of Telecom and IT dial tone and internet solutions designed to meet the challenge of any size business.  We first spend time understanding your company’s telecom and IT goals.  We then leverage the many carrier options available to us and design a cost effective, future proof plan which will not only enhance your company’s performance but give significant ROI.  Our goal is to keep your company using cutting edge technology while keeping monthly expenditure under control.


Sound Masking

     Reduce the possibility of conversations being overheard in hallways, private offices, Pharmacy, examining rooms and client waiting areas.  TRM’s Sound Masking systems allow companies to create open office environments while maintaining speech privacy between employees.  We offer the quickest and most inexpensive approach for medical facilities to comply with HIPAA regulations regarding incidental disclosure. Create an environment where an individuals right to privacy is respected without burdening staff or compromising the organizations ability to provide patient care. Our systems are also extremely flexible, providing privacy for offices as small as 50 square feet to multi-story facilities, with custom configurations to match your acoustic environment.


Call Recording

     Call recording has become an integral part of many business models due to a variety of factors, including: quality monitoring, training, compliance, regulations, proof of call, liability recording, security and more. This need has become equally critical for not only enterprise businesses, but for small and medium businesses as well, who face steep competition in the marketplace.  TRM can create a solution for any size of business regardless of telephone or carrier service type. Analog CO , T1/PRI, or SIP trunks plus digital, analog or IP extensions.  Let us help improve your employee productivity and training with a full or part time recording solution.


Video Conferencing

     Industry video conferencing solutions now extend face-to-face collaboration from boardrooms to desktops, tablets, and smartphones.  The ability for people to collaborate, to work together, is mission-critical for any organization. Project meetings, sales meetings, product development meetings and many others. Beyond the enterprise, doctors meeting with patients, teachers meeting with students, government agencies meeting to respond to crises and deliver critical services to citizens are more productive when they are collaborative. They allow people to work effectively and efficiently.  Allow TRM to design and implement a Video Conferencing solution for you.



     Analog, Hybrid, and Full IP capabilities ensure that TRM can tailor a paging system solution to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are making announcements in your local building or in remote work sites thousands of miles away, our solutions are robust and expandable. Our talk-back systems allow employees to communicate with a caller simply by talking toward a speaker with a response.  The possibilities are vast and sure to enhance your productivity and employee satisfaction.


Audio Visual Equipment

     TRM has a vast selection of audio visual products available for use in such commercial spaces as business offices and conference rooms, schools, government facilities, houses of worship and within the hospitality and healthcare fields.  Our solutions improve your company’s presentation wherever you need it. Challenge us to explore all the possibilities for your Audio and Visual needs. We guarantee to provide the right product for your specific application and budgetary needs.


Appointment Reminder Systems

     Businesses that rely on appointments to generate revenue find that using automated appointment reminder software systems decrease cancellations and no-shows. The aggregate performance of all customers is that less than 5% of appointments are canceled or result in a no-show after the client receives a reminder.

     TRM’s solutions allow customers to send reminders automatically. Just schedule an appointment in an easy-to-use web interface, type in the client’s contact information, and the system will send your clients phone reminders, text message reminders (via SMS), or email reminders as you specify.  Set it and forget it.  There is no special software to install and no hardware to buy: all you need is the computer you’re using to read this right now.  Increase your bottom line by utilizing this easy to use software.



     Send and receive faxes via email, your Web browser, or with convenient new mobile apps. E-Fax lets you eliminate the cost and inconvenience of fax machines and phone lines. e-Fax eliminates the worry and hassle of running out of paper or emitting a busy signal.  It saves you money for a fax line and fax supplies.  You can also save many faxes electronically rather than print them all out.  Of all the new and old e-fax options,  there's no "one-size-fits-all" option for every business. You'll have to consider your company's specific faxing needs and then choose accordingly.  TRM will walk you through the decision making process and deliver a custom, cost effective solution for you.

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