Security Systems

     From small businesses to large corporations, TRM will design and install Intrusion Alarms, Video Security, Access Control and Perimeter Surveillance systems to fit your needs and your budget.  With focus on installing these systems into an IP data network, complete control will be at your fingertips virtually anywhere.  Let TRM show you how to implement a fully integrated custom security solution.

Intrusion Alarms

     An Intrusion Alarm is essential to the protection of your office and is the foundation of a solid security plan. This can be the first line of defense for immediate response from a 24 hour UL-listed central monitoring station. With remote capabilities you can make sure the last person that left armed the system, set a “cleaning crew” timer and help avoid costly false alarm charges. From door sensors and glass breaks to temperature monitoring and smoke detection an Intrusion Alarm can give you assurance that your office is safely being monitored at all times.

Video Security Systems

      A camera system can serve as a powerful deterrent and witness to help prevent and prosecute theft crimes.  Video surveillance can also be used to counter accident claims by employees and customers on the job site.  A camera system can prevent fraudulent claims and may help reduce your liability on claims.  Many insurance underwriters look favorably on companies with camera systems.

     The introduction of IP cameras to the security industry, has given them abilities over their analog counterparts that continues to grow. New compressions and formats greatly reduce storage requirements without the loss of image quality. A Mega-pixel camera can provide full HD images for ultimate detail and in some cases replace multiple lesser cameras.

Door Access Control Systems

     With an electronic Door Access Control System you will have peace of mind knowing the general population does not have unwanted access into your place of business. You can avoid having duplicate keys made to your doors and remove access from ex-employees without having a locksmith re-key all your locks. Update card holder information or create visitor passes and privileges easily, as needed, with the push of a button. 

     With full reporting capabilities you can see who has accessed perticular doors and when. You can take it one step further by easily integrating video images of the door being accessed. Scheduled reporting combined with a “Time & Attendance” function can allow you to have time sheet information automatically be sent to your inbox for payroll.  The protection technology today is tremendous.  Challenge TRM to design and implement a future proof system for you.

Perimeter Protection

     In a climate where the unpredictable nature of invasion attempts grows with each day, it is critical to have a powerful perimeter security system that utilizes a diverse range of technologies and gives you the power to see.  Building comprehensive perimeter security solutions involves bringing together components that address current gaps in protection and provide solid perimeter security solutions in direct response to those gaps. To that end, TRM offers a range of intuitive and flexible tools that allow you to construct a perimeter security system unique to your organization's individual needs.

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