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Paper Manuals:

D70 Owners Manual

D40 Owners Manual

Extension Owners Guide

NEC Frequently Asked Questions

The following section is available as a supplement to our "User Manuals and Guides" for more detailed information on the use of any features or options please contact our office.

Q.How do I change the time on my SV8100 telephone system?
A. Press the "SPEAKER” button on an idle telephone, dial 728, Then dial two digits for the hour and two digits for the minutes entered in military time. Time will automatically show as AM or PM. Press the SPEAKER button to hang up.

Q. How do I change the date on my SV8100 telephone system?
A.  The end user does not have the ability to change the date on the phone system. Please contact TRM and allow a Certified SV8100 Technician to assist you.

Q. How do I print a new label for my telephone? 
A. To print a new label you must first contact TRM for blank labels. Then you will be able to use the DESI print program (which can be found at to type and print your label on most Ink Jet or Laser printers.

Q. What do we do when someone leaves our company and we do not know the persons security code?
A. To do this you will need access to a System Administrator’s mailbox.  Once access is granted, follow the prompts to delete the security code. Please contact TRM if you do not know who your System Administrator is. Once access is granted to the past employee’s mailbox, you need to also erase the recorded name and all of their greetings.

Q. How do I change a name on the display of my SV8100 telephone?
A.  Press the “SPEAKER" button, dial 700, dial the extension for the phone that you would like to change, type in the new name using your "1-9 Key pad ", press "#" to move to the next letter and press "HOLD" when done. You should hear a three beep confirmation tone.  Press the “SPEAKER” button again to hang up. (you can use the FEATURE key to back space)

Q.How do I make my SV8100 telephone voice announce instead of ring and vice-versa?
A. To make your phone ring instead of voice announce: press the "SPEAKER" button, dial 723, and you should hear a three beep confirmation tone. To make your phone voice announce instead of ring: press the "SPEAKER” button, dial 721 and you should hear a three beep confirmation tone.

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